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Q : Am I selling you?,
& Q : What is that bridge for?

Q : Am I selling you?

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A : Your family can be beautiful places, too. For sale: this lofty pillar. For sale: my three generations membership. When I’m being at home and my parents aren’t, I walk through huge snow and never get anywhere. I lay my whole person entirely into it. On the third day we both are my shape. For sale: such incredible twinning. The better part of faith that I do pretty well. It’s because I’m a vessel that I have these moves. Taking fields in my mouth like their contents are nothing. Holding historical knife sets up to the sky so they trace uncertain patterns on my homecoming father.

Q : What is that bridge for?

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A : In a movie things are built in twenty-five minutes that would really take years. Those bridges are for never being useful. In other words, those bridges aren’t real. Like as a child, in the California desert, I lifted a boulder and watched my mother lose it. Actually it was sculpted paper. Normally I was three years old. Your bridge connects two points of land. It’s simply what bridges do. The sad ones are works of fiction. The most amazing one was outside Tacoma and was made of concrete that flexed in the wind.


ART: Paul Ferragut, Leo Katunaric, Stefanie Schneider

FICTION: Bridget Apfeld, Jennifer A. Howard, Laura Schadler

NONFICTION: Joy Katz, Shena McAuliffe, Kate Partridge, Rob Schlegel

POETRY: Dan Beachy-Quick, Carrie Fountain, Jules Gibbs, Alen Hamza, H. L. Hix, Anna Maria Hong, Krzysztof Jaworski, Thomas Kane, Eric Kocher, Jennifer MacKenzie, Andrew Nance, Paul Otremba, Kate Partridge, Beth Woodcome Platow, Catie Rosemurgy, Claire Sylvester Smith, Lesley Yalen

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“POET The Game”

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