Andrew Nance: Acidic & Decay


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My breath is hardening, the obituary in her voice
fills me. Honesty of glass: dilated skin just

beyond touch, or what was meant by my
third dead lung. It seems, I’m outliving. It seems

he’s pressing a hand against me into the small
of her back. What’s my shade? My voice

made up of smoke she’s exhaling. Little vessel
flamed by smoke in its own shape: my called-to

litmus trying to lie even as it hits oxygen, even
as the dream of an eye is still what’s trying.


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As though it would
one day keep your teeth
clean, dawn trimmed
at its dew point, my skeleton
bent back, everything
about me was a warranty.
Dusk’s point of lucidity
went floating into view
on buckling cellophane.
Every move I made
was a correction, a turning
away from my own
point of view. The current
was unwinding. Then,
light shimmied into frame,
and I blew a flame
onto the wick. I turned
away from the field
where your cage is buried.


ART: Paul Ferragut, Leo Katunaric, Stefanie Schneider

FICTION: Bridget Apfeld, Jennifer A. Howard, Laura Schadler

NONFICTION: Joy Katz, Shena McAuliffe, Kate Partridge, Rob Schlegel

POETRY: Dan Beachy-Quick, Carrie Fountain, Jules Gibbs, Alen Hamza, H. L. Hix, Anna Maria Hong, Krzysztof Jaworski, Thomas Kane, Eric Kocher, Jennifer MacKenzie, Andrew Nance, Paul Otremba, Kate Partridge, Beth Woodcome Platow, Catie Rosemurgy, Claire Sylvester Smith, Lesley Yalen

ET CETERA: Glenn Shaheen’s
“POET The Game”

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