Help? You’ve never needed help from anybody. Your parents’ trust fund ensured that. But ok, here are some controls:

look” — Uses your eyesight, the most important sense of all in a game where there are no pictures! Get specific by looking “at” things if you feel as though you are an expert.

take” — Used in conjunction with an object, adds that object to your inventory.

use” — Used in conjunction with an object, makes use of that object’s use, by using it.

move” or “go” — Used in conjunction with a direction (east, north, etc.), moves your little feet in that direction.

Your alarm goes off and you slowly awake. Ugh, what a cliché way to start your day! You remind yourself that you are a poet, and better than that, you are an MFA student, a member of an exclusive club of thousands of students around the country. You taste stale Pabst on your breath. Your room is dark, apart from your clock which says 3:30. Shit, that’s early. Fuck.

What do you want to do now?



ART: Paul Ferragut, Leo Katunaric, Stefanie Schneider

FICTION: Bridget Apfeld, Jennifer A. Howard, Laura Schadler

NONFICTION: Joy Katz, Shena McAuliffe, Kate Partridge, Rob Schlegel

POETRY: Dan Beachy-Quick, Carrie Fountain, Jules Gibbs, Alen Hamza, H. L. Hix, Anna Maria Hong, Krzysztof Jaworski, Thomas Kane, Eric Kocher, Jennifer MacKenzie, Andrew Nance, Paul Otremba, Kate Partridge, Beth Woodcome Platow, Catie Rosemurgy, Claire Sylvester Smith, Lesley Yalen

ET CETERA: Glenn Shaheen’s
“POET The Game”