Turn This Map into Sky

Janelle Adsit

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there are 350 blues in the Mountain Bluebird
beating rhythm of blue beating crest
of feather beating skin
rainbow beam of blue, not sky blue
not the second when sky first came into view
the baby arrived blue and wide
this is not the age for awe he says but soon

soon: the tight fist before Amaryllis blossom
soon: photo of her fist in mine
this body maun sune be dust
capture it in gelatin
[there are 176 photographs of my dead sister on display
in the house—the presence of crumbled bones
my father made the film
and called it skin]

sunner suiner soon a definite past and future
schunar in which the time reckoned is indefinite
and the limitlessness of blue

beating rhythm of blue beating
rainbow beam of blue
we could read it her arrival
we could read it blue and wide
an entrance, a song of single come
but this is not the age for awe he says


ART: Zachary Tate Porter, Jeannie Vanasco

FICTION: Katya Apekina, John Henry Fleming, Lacy Arnett, Claire Harlan Orsi, Chantel Tattoli

NONFICTION: Emily Carr, Nancy Singleton Hachisu, Johanna Stoberock, Steve Wasserman

POETRY: Janelle Adsit, Ryan Bender-Murphy, Monica Berlin & Beth Marzoni, Dan Chelotti, Lisa Ciccarello, Christopher DeWeese, Elisa Gabbert & Kathleen Rooney, Tyler Gobble, Fanny Howe, Lo Kwa Mei-en, Nick Lantz, Matthew Lippman, Aditi Machado, Alice Miller, Marc Paltrineri, Christopher Rey Pérez, Allan Peterson, Jessica Poli, Lynne Potts, Dan Rosenberg, M. C. Rush, Ed Skoog, Cindy St. John, Russel Swensen, Emily Toder, Laurie Saurborn Young

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