All the particular places we’ve known window sometimes & sometimes

Monica Berlin & Beth Marzoni

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open, sometimes wedge shut, mute
the street noise, sometimes light-strewn

& sometimes a tree, never willow
here, but birch or maple, some kind of ever

-green where a bird might build what we call
house, but really just twigs, debris, strands

carried off. Where it might nest down sometimes
a wind-eroded depression, sometimes an alcove

& shelter from wind. Might distance between
skylight & light surface. & how,

So, all we know: water seeks its own
level, argues against what names

flattened out lonely or unremarkable. Every word
shutters what little day we might let in, slat

& line a fierce stance against lean & slope—that uneven
acrossness. Then the emptier rooms we’ve known

become the only particular places scaled to name
what we’ve called temporary, proportional

& cluttering. But if sometimes empties out
by mere breath & clears away the piled-up,

hauls out to the alley
what might’ve been, then

on purpose—all of that rubbing off, & ink—that printing,
our fingers. Sometimes stains. Sometimes insists

take matters into your own hands, & the streets
empty on time & sometimes sweeps

up into little clouds that will settle
elsewhere. Sometimes dissolves

the sand winter laid down & the pattern
we traced in it & named our days a landscape

stretched between here & there. Or nothing
happens here, even urgency in the untidy

season between pleads, a note on the counter try
to put winter away
. Where sometimes might

terrace or approach, tucked away
becomes the set-back of the building

-line then livable cloud. Then the dimming
day well-worn stretches tree-line

overhead or windbreak up ahead
& either way a narrowing that

closing in once meant to scale wide the sky.


ART: Zachary Tate Porter, Jeannie Vanasco

FICTION: Katya Apekina, John Henry Fleming, Lacy Arnett, Claire Harlan Orsi, Chantel Tattoli

NONFICTION: Emily Carr, Nancy Singleton Hachisu, Johanna Stoberock, Steve Wasserman

POETRY: Janelle Adsit, Ryan Bender-Murphy, Monica Berlin & Beth Marzoni, Dan Chelotti, Lisa Ciccarello, Christopher DeWeese, Elisa Gabbert & Kathleen Rooney, Tyler Gobble, Fanny Howe, Lo Kwa Mei-en, Nick Lantz, Matthew Lippman, Aditi Machado, Alice Miller, Marc Paltrineri, Christopher Rey Pérez, Allan Peterson, Jessica Poli, Lynne Potts, Dan Rosenberg, M. C. Rush, Ed Skoog, Cindy St. John, Russel Swensen, Emily Toder, Laurie Saurborn Young

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