Meghan M. Lee: Cable & Wish


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I am tired of running my tongue over my teeth
they ache                 it feels like the cold is inside them
your letter did not come                   my little brother peeled lemons
if I crack the seeds my mouth hurts                                    my mouth hurts
we ate them like oranges                     our teeth did not rot
we ate them on the roof and tossed the peels into the street
the seeds rolled down                           I was old enough
there would not be a letter                                   the lemons were small
remember that? if I wrote the letter
I'd use the word                                   surge
I would say               it goes through me all the time


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Over there. Away there. My long yawn.
Is the sun trackless? Gander yellow,
ender, rounder, my hind. My hand.
My dear distant, clipped on a wire.
Lyre, we learn: a head. Snipping away
in my bad French. My bad friend.
Cable was Caleb, vouchsafed thither,
farther. Fathered. Dawn.


FICTION: Lisa Beebe, Karl Harshbarger, Lauren Johnson, J. Robert Lennon

NONFICTION: Matthew Gavin Frank, Deborah Thompson

POETRY: Melissa Barrett, Thea Brown, Lauren Camp, Sampurna Chattarji, MRB Chelko, Patrick Culliton, John Gallaher, Ricky Garni, Meghan Lee, Kristen Orser, slp, Meghan Privitello, Megan Pugh, Amelia Salisbury, Matt Shears, Raena Shirali, Dolsy Smith, Avni Vyas, Elizabeth Whittlesey, Nicholas Wong

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