Chicago, Stable as
Ever, Enjoys the View
Down Its Own Pants

(An Origin of Lindy)

Thibault Raoult

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Gavotte, I'm running out of montre-moi, no sweetener
Since Greek reproached us all for       allegory allegory 4-5-6 [sung].

You tell people that?
Facts are as follows the rip.

You peopled that?
First Love [Linseed], do you smell me in the winds outside Brugge?


ART: Rachel Day, Terrell James, Mr. Let’s Paint TV, Peter Van Hyning

FICTION: Paula Bomer, Andrew Brininstool, Chaitali Sen, R. T. Smith

NONFICTION: Anna Journey,
David S. MacLean

POETRY: Claire Becker, Heather Christle, Darin Ciccotelli, Jennifer Denrow, Jessica Farquhar, Farnoosh Fathi, Stephanie Ford, Geoffrey Nutter, Brian Oliu, Thibault Raoult, Anne Marie Rooney, Tomaž Šalamun, Jordan Sanderson, Jacob Sunderlin, Gale Marie Thompson, David Wojciechowski

ET CETERA: Eric LeMay's 'Threat Lexicon, Death Row Records Presents The Waste Land

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